Taxpayers Task Force meetings under way

Lindbergh School District residents are voicing their opinions about property taxes and district finances during meetings of the Taxpayers Task Force.

“The majority of the task force members share concerns about the increase in property taxes,” Lindbergh Chief Financial Officer Pat Lanane stated in a district news release. “The purpose of the committee is to provide for two-way communication between the taxpayers and the school district.

“We are developing proposals that will benefit taxpayers without financially damaging the district,” Lanane continued. “I believe we must avoid a split in the community pitting the needs of seniors against the needs of students. Both groups have legitimate concerns and in the best traditions of the community must work together to solve them.”

About 15 residents, primarily senior citizens, attended a Nov. 15 meeting of the task force.

“One man discussed his fixed-income situation and not being able to pay his property-tax increase,” Lanane stated.

“He fears that he may have to put his home on the market. The Taxpayers Task Force will come up with concepts to ad-dress these problems. Any topic, any figure, we will examine and discuss.”

The Taxpayers Task Force will meet again Thursday, Dec. 6.

Residents who wish to join are asked to call Lanane at (314) 729-2480 or e-mail him at