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Women making progress on ballots in South County

Play Gloria! By Gloria Lloyd You may, or may not, notice that this week’s Opinions page has a common theme — everything is written by women. Many of you probably wouldn’t notice it if I hadn’t pointed it out, which shows how far gender equality has come. The best part is it’s a a pure

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Write us: Behind the scenes of The Call’s opinion page

By Gloria Lloyd  Nearly every week, I get extensive feedback on The Call’s Letters to the Editor section, mostly good and some bad. The bad is usually from people who overlook the heading at the top that says “Opinions” and mistake individual letters to the editor for the opinions of this newspaper, or for articles.

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Democracy in action in county is great for residents

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd St. Louis County government has its problems, but in many ways it is also a thriving, healthy democracy. If anyone wanted to see that democracy in action, they could find it last week at the town hall on property assessments jointly co-hosted by county Assessor Jake Zimmerman and County Council members

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