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Our Call: Little ones have dreams on Christmas. We do too.

Gloria Lloyd

December 19, 2018

Editorial ’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through South County, Not a Stenger was stirring, not even a Trakas; The budgets were passed by all aldermen with care, In hopes that sales-tax revenues soon would be there. The residents were nestled all snug in our heated recliners at R...

Our Call: Council members need to provide their budget ideas

Gloria Lloyd

December 12, 2018

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd Call readers are familiar with the ongoing saga of the St. Louis County budget, which it appears will be the latest clash in a long string of them between the County Council and County Executive Steve Stenger. The county budget currently has a $10 million operational deficit tha...

Editorial: Perhaps bipartisan divide will be a thing of the past

St Louis Call Newspapers

October 24, 2018

It’s hard to escape the reality that, especially nationally, politics is becoming ever more divided along partisan lines. But if this south county election cycle is any indication, bipartisanship might just be making a comeback. First, we were pleasantly surprised that most questionnaires from local Mis...

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