Svoboda seeks to unseat Parker in Sunset Hills

Donald Parker

Donald Parker

Mike Svoboda is challenging incumbent Donald Parker for the Ward 4 Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen seat he’s held for the past eight years.

In fact, Svoboda is the first challenger Parker has faced since first being elected in 1999.

Asked to identify the most important issue in the race, Svoboda said, “Again, it’s the property rights of all the people of Sunset Hills along with making sure the misuse of eminent domain doesn’t happen again.”

Parker did not identify the most important issue in response to a Call questionnaire.

Parker, 66, 10760 Forest Path Drive, 63128, and his wife, Patricia, have four children. He did not state why he is seeking re-election in response to a Call questionnaire.

Svoboda, 60, 10231 Kennerly Road, 63128, is retired from the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. He and his wife, Claudia, have two children.

Svoboda, who has not held elective office, said he is seeking election “to protect the property rights of all the citizens of Sunset Hills.”

Parker did not respond to specific questions posed in a Call questionnaire.

Svoboda gave the following responses:

What is your position on Proposition P, a half-cent sales tax for park and storm-water improvements?

Svoboda said, ” I sit on the fence on this issue. Although I will probably vote for it, I don’t like to see sales taxes in general continue to creep upwards.”

Do you support the use of eminent domain for redevelopment projects?

Svoboda said, “I don’t support the misuse of eminent domain to put money in the pockets of developers. Although some projects may go forward whether some residents want them or not, the woman that lived on South Grand in St. Louis city showed us that a fair settlement can be reached without eminent domain.”

Where would you rank the needs of the Sunset Manor subdivision on the list of priorities for the city of Sunset Hills?

Svoboda said, “Right now, at the top of the list. We need to get this done and put behind us.”

What are your plans, if any, for the Sunset Manor subdivision? Has enough been done by the city?

Svoboda said, “My plans for Sunset Manor is to leave them alone and let them live in peace. If a developer wants to talk to them, that’s between the developer and the residents. I’ve had a developer call me and I told him he didn’t have enough money to buy my property. Now that’s not completely true, but I’m sure that what I would take and what he would want to pay are worlds apart.”