Svoboda deserves second term as mayor

To the editor:

It has been two years since the last Sunset Hills municipal election in which Mike Svoboda was elected mayor by an overwhelming majority of the vote.

Mike has proved to be an effective leader and I believe deserving of a second term.

There are several examples of projects and accomplishments for city betterment which have moved forward during Mike’s tenure. Foremost is the approval of and beginning construction on a long-awaited pool and community center complex that the voters approved in a sales-tax proposition some time ago.

Badly needed bridge work along West Watson Road at Baalbek Drive and near the Tapawingo golf course have been completed in a timely fashion. The vacant site of the Vickers station on Lindbergh is now home to new construction of retail space that will generate tax revenues.

Our Business Committee is actively seeking new tenants for spaces next to the Toys “R” Us store. The Sunset Hills newsletter is an example of a city government interested in the enrichment of its citizens as demonstrated by the many programs available through the parks department programs.

In addition, Mayor Svoboda seeks to preserve the residential character of Sunset Hills while encouraging the business community in appropriate areas.

During his tenure as mayor, Mike has proven his intentions lie with the will of the people of Sunset Hills, and his actions confirm that to be the case.

For the past two years our community has been spared the self-serving rancor that characterized the administrations of the past, and that has been a most welcome achievement.

For all these reasons and others still to be realized, I believe Mike Svoboda is the right candidate for our city in the upcoming elections on April 6.

Jean Stemmler

Sunset Hills