Surprisingly, reader says he agrees with Broughton about something


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In what some may find surprising, I wanted to mention some areas of agreement with Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton.

If I’m correct, I believe he is opposed to Better Together and I’m definitely opposed to Better Together. A recent letter suggested that we should disincorporate the various municipalities and reunite the county.

I would respectfully take a different view.

Being in unincorporated St. Louis County, from a practical standpoint, we have little representation. There are seven districts, we are in the 6th District and our councilman is Mr. Ernie Trakas.

To get things done, he has to get three other people to vote for what he believes will help us in South County.

Effectively our money is sent to Clayton and then we get the privilege of begging and groveling to get our money back.

Six of seven people that we did not even elect decide how to spend our money. These other council members come from districts comprised mostly of municipalities. They can come up with crazy ideas that won’t affect their voters but can be pushed onto us in South County, and we will be footing the bill for it all.

We’re essentially Clayton’s warped little science lab.

I understand not wanting towns for every few hundred people. What Green Park and their roughly 2,500 residents have, though, is infinitely superior to what we have in South County.

While Mr. Broughton and I won’t agree on most issues, it’s important for people to find areas where they do agree. I personally hope we see Green Park get bigger or South County become a municipality.

Bob Mahacek