Surprised former Sunset Hills Mayor Svoboda feels citizens fooled into voting for Bill Nolan

To the editor:

After reading Mike Anthony’s column concerning the result of the Sunset Hills municipal election, I was surprised to read that former Mayor Mike Svoboda feels that the citizens of Sunset Hills were fooled into voting for Mayor Bill Nolan.

I feel quite the contrary. Apparently the people of Sunset Hills analyzed what has happened in the last two years and were unhappy.

They made an informed decision to see that our city should become more fiscally responsible and more competitive in this tough economic environment. As a result, a majority of residents spoke and elected Mayor Nolan.

I am shocked and appalled that former Mayor Svoboda had so little respect for the residents of Sunset Hills he previously served.

Such thoughtless remarks have no place in our city. I only ask that he keep his opinions to himself and leave the governance of Ward 4 to the new alderman who ran unopposed, Claudia Svoboda.

Mary Ann Hunzeker

Sunset Hills

Editor’s note: Mrs. Hunzeker’s husband is former Sunset Hills Mayor John Hunzeker.