Supports school district’’s new grading scale

To the editor:

I agree with Amanda Howe’s letter to the Call on June 5.

Lowering the grading scale (90 to 100 =A, 80 to 89 = B, etc.) does not “dumb down” the Mehlville students, but will accurately reflect performance relative to students in neighboring districts. For example, at the current grading scale, the Mehlville student who averages 90 percent or 91 percent would receive a “B” while their counterpart in Lindbergh, Aff-ton or Bayless would receive an “A.”

This puts the Mehlville student at a disadvantage when applying for colleges, grants and loans. Granted, everybody should strive to do their best — but at least keep the grading scale the same for all of the students. The new grading scale avoids comparing apples to oranges.

Barrett R. Thiele