Supports president’s effort to provide free birth control to women

To the editor:

I strongly support President Barack Obama in his attempt to provide free birth control for all women.

It will lead to improved health because women will not have a lot of the medical problems associated with unwanted pregnancies such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or depression. It will also lead to reduced poverty because it will allow a lot of these young girls, who would have gotten pregnant without access to free birth control, to finish high school and college and get a good job and become a productive member of society.

I understand the churches’ ideal of protecting our daughters from being corrupted by society. But it is not realistic: The high number of unwanted pregnancies bears this out.

The goal of our society should be to have healthy women who can get a good education and a good job without the burden of unwanted pregnancies. Access to free birth control can do this.

Michael Nolan