Superintendent’s comments ‘disingenuous,’ ‘an early ploy for money’

To the editor:

Lindbergh Superintendent Jim Simpson’s assertion that the apartments in the redeveloped Crestwood mall plan is the “worst scenario” for Lindbergh Schools is disingenuous and an early ploy for money.

What is he suggesting? That all the city’s growth will come from these apartments, that we should limit the growth of the city?

Also, I do not accept that all children will have to go to Crestwood Elementary. My eldest son went there, but my youngest went to Long. Secondly, the argument that the apartment dwellers are transient and therefore effect the quality of education is also bogus. Are these the only apartments in Crestwood? Isn’t this a current and ongoing issue irrespective of this proposal?

Lastly, regarding the lack of retail contracts in the mall redevelopment, is a pre-mature concern. At this early stage, it is unrealistic to think retailers would be signing contracts before a deal has been struck.

Let’s not bungle the mall redevelopment project while it’s still on the drawing board.