Superintendent thanks those who made traffic signal pact possible

To the editor:

The presence of a traffic signal along Telegraph Road, at the shared entrance to Oakville Middle School and Wohlwend Elementary School will soon be a reality.

The traffic signal will be fully operational throughout the day and will include a pedestrian crosswalk.

The traffic signal will be a critically important safety feature for our students and also for the general public. The district’s portion of the cost for the installation of the signal will be $80,000.

As recently as two years ago, the cost to the Mehlville School District for the construction and installation of the traffic signal was quoted to be nearly four times this amount.

One of the reasons for the lower cost is the Missouri Department of Transportation’s decision not to require the district to pay for an engineering study or the relocation of utilities.

Our ability to negotiate a more affordable agreement was greatly enhanced by the determined efforts of several individuals.

On behalf of the Mehlville School District, I want to thank district patrons Donna Seidel, Rosemary Nagy and state Rep. Sue Schoemehl.

Donna and Rosemary led a campaign to inform the public of the critical need for the installation of the traffic signal while strongly advocating for the safety of students. Rep. Schoemehl contacted MoDOT officials to encourage a positive outcome to the negotiations. Rep. Schoemehl’s willingness to get involved was instrumental in moving the negotiations forward.

The Board of Education approved the agreement with MoDOT at the June 28 board meeting.Work on the traffic signal should be completed by March 2011.

Once again, thank you to all who helped to make this possible.

Terry Noble


Mehlville School District