Sunset Manor resident asks some questions

To the editor:

With regard to the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen turning over the right of eminent domain July 12 to Novus, let me ask some final questions.

I will concede that the final number of people signing approximates two-thirds of the owners — even though this can be debated with regard to how the signatures were obtained. There never were 75 percent to 80 percent signed — a number No-vus and the city had said.

Questions remain — No. 1— With 33 percent of owners rejecting offers, didn’t this number seem exceedingly high to some? In past buyouts the number of dissidents has been 10 percent or less. Why so many here? I never did hear the mayor or any alderman say: “Let’s see what the problem is.” They know the problem — you can’t give your home away for a price that should include home, moving expenses, new closing costs and inconvenience, yet doesn’t even cover the cost of the property.

Question No. 2 — Seeing there was a problem, why didn’t they do something productive like Rock Hill did — pay the owners not to go to eminent domain? I know it’s different, but it is amazing that with caring and some action, some things can be done — but you have to care more than about Sunset Hills’ till — which is in good shape and looks to remain that way. Also, if Novus doesn’t have the money to buy properties at a decent price, why start?

Finally, Question No. 3 — Although there are too many more to list — If the one alderwoman who voted no did so because of the input from people in her district — and it wasn’t the buyout area — isn’t it strange her district was the only one that felt that way? As representatives of the residents in their area, shouldn’t they vote the way the people who elected them felt?

I have a hard time believing that the other seven aldermen heard overwhelmingly that this was a good idea. The numbers don’t jive, but once again, you must care. Mr. Brockhaus, alderman in the same ward, how did you hear differently from the same group of people? As a frequent voter, registered nurse, Air Force veteran, and community member trying to help others, I have become increasingly disgruntled by government’s actions and inactions. Help.

Mark Stobie

Sunset Hills