Sunset Manor Alamo of American democracy

To the editor:

Sunset Hills — a “Town Without Pity.”

The scenario in Sunset Hills with the Sunset Manor subdivision really hit the nail right on the head.

It reminded me of an early 1960s Gene Pitney recording May 10 at 7 p.m. in the year of our sweet Lord 2005.

Many Sunset Manor residents who did not want to sell out were brutally bludgeoned by the Board of Aldermen of Sunset Hills as they were unmercifully attacked with the sledgehammer of a self-consumed, pompous, ruthless, self-serving band of corporate pirates.

Some of us fought against Communists and governments where totalitarianism was the norm of everyday life. Why is this happening here? This is the United States of America. Great sacrifice, pain and patriotic fortitude has been labored by the American people. This situation in Sunset Hills Manor is what I perceive as a perverse transgression against our God-blessed country.

This is no more than corporate cannibalism, no less than 21st century carpetbaggers. The buck needs to stop right here in Sunset Manor.

Sunset Manor is the Alamo of American democracy.

I told the Board of Aldermen at the May 10 meeting that only a godless heathen would put another human being out of their homes for their own personal gain. I stated that they didn’t look like godless heathens.

I also stated what good is it to gain the world if you lose your soul? They made their choice. If we are apathetic regardless of whether we live in Sunset Manor or not, we’ll lose our very souls as well as our nation. This God-blessed country of ours is not a free one by chance, but by conviction, blood and choice.

I was drawn near to tears after I spoke to the man and his wife who had to move from their home in Meacham Park when Wal-Mart and Lowe’s were built. They were happy living in Sunset Manor, now the same thing again. Maybe this is another “Trail of Tears.”

If giving up my life so these residents of Sunset Manor would not have to move, I’d do it without hesitation. I believe this project should be called “Sunset at Hanoi” or “Sunset at Peking” or how about “Moscow at South Lindbergh”?

Your very humble sentry of American principles and ideals.

Mike “Grassroots” Povich

Green Park