Sunset Hills resident supports Rode in Ward 1

To the editor:

On April 5, the voters of Sunset Hills will have a fresh new face running for the office of Ward 1 alderman.

Jim Rode, a retired businessman, has the desire, experience, vision and enthusiasm to fill that office with great distinction. Jim retired after a long and successful career as an engineer and later as a problem solver skilled at bringing diverse issues to  resolution. He would bring these very important skills to the office of alderman.

Jim wrote a letter recently about his vision for Sunset Hills that conveys very clearly his passion for improving the future prospects of our city. Jim believes Ward 1 is particularly important in the way forward for Sunset Hills because the ward has the richest variety of housing and the largest proportion of businesses in the city.

He further writes of Ward 1: “We are the engine that drives our city and we represent a cross-section of most of American life.”

I believe Jim Rode has the people skills, understanding of the issues and the determination to be an important force in helping the residents and businesses in Ward 1 to thrive. I hope you will give Jim your vote and the chance to prove himself.

Jean Stemmler

Sunset Hills