Sunset Hills resident outlines her support for proposed Petro Mart

To the editor:

I am writing to address the issue of the proposed Petro Mart in Sunset Hills at the corner of Monica Drive and Lindbergh Boulevard.

I was present at the Sept. 11 Board of Aldermen meeting when this was discussed for more than two-plus hours.

My heart goes out to our mayor and Board of Aldermen. Not only were they threatened with litigation, they also were accused of not being in favor of residents and being in favor of certain businesses instead. I spoke at the meeting after sitting there for almost 3½ hours and gave my opinion.

I feel that anything is better than a vacant building that is now sitting boarded up and a house on Monica that is vacant — both of which are eyesores and possible trouble spots. This building is also the first thing that you see as you come into Sunset Hills, and I personally don’t feel that this is the impression we want to give of beautiful Sunset Hills.

Some residents related that they felt they lived in the lower-income part of Sunset Hills, being in the Sunset Manor area. I totally disagree. There are some nice houses that are very well maintained in that area and, like myself, I am sure the owners are very proud of.

Representatives of the Holiday Inn-Viking and the Mile 277 Tap & Grill were present and addressed concerns that a raised median and stoplight on Monica and Lindbergh would somehow affect their businesses and impede entrance to their respective locations.

This makes no sense to me since most people go to that area up the ramp to Watson Road or through Steak ‘n Shake, and that will not change. I agree the ramp coming off Watson onto Lindbergh is a problem, but it is in both directions and a stoplight at Monica has nothing to do with the ramp.

Some voiced concerns over increased traffic on Monica and large trucks using Monica. I live in the Windward Ridge subdivision and don’t see or hear large trucks using Monica. Monica is very narrow, and people choose to park on the street rather than in their driveways, which only makes the street more narrow.

When Five Guys went in, the traffic going into there did not significantly increase traffic. Why would Petro Mart?

As for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I have come down Monica at different times of day and night and after 10 p.m., things are generally very quiet.

Circle K does not have a problem with loitering. Why would Petro Mart?

Any business that goes into that site is going to meet the same questions and problems. It’s time to let this go and let Petro Mart get started. It would give a much better appearance, and I feel it will cause little to no disruption in the lives of residents.

Change and growth are going to happen. We can’t change that.

Isn’t it better to see something good happen than to have a vacant building in need of repair just sitting there?

If we fight everything that tries to go in there, no company will want to purchase that piece of property or try to build on it.