Sunset Hills reader says citizens must all ‘Hail to the Mayor Furrer’

To the editor:

Roughly 200 Sunset Hills homeowners recently received a notice from the city, citing them for being in violation of city code 12-8 because they didn’t have trash service at their home.

I was one of them. The ordinance, which was passed in 2009 but rarely enforced until now, requires every home to have trash service whether they need it or not.

Even a vacant home must have, or at least pay for, trash service. Even someone like myself, an avid recycler since 1985 and someone who has never had trash service at my home of 20 years, must pay the trash man regardless. It’s the law.

If one called the city, as I did, one would have been told that it’s the law, and not paying for the service was unfair to the trash man. It didn’t matter if it was unfair to you, the citizen, or not. I was told this by not one, but two city employees I spoke with. But you can’t blame the trash man.

I spoke with the owner of American Eagle Waste. I have been using his service since 2006 for an apartment complex I own. He told me that he didn’t go to the city with a list, but instead the city came to him demanding the list of homes not in compliance.

And don’t blame the city employees either. They are not a bunch of “Trash Nazis,” but are just doing what they’re told. It seems this is all the doing of our beloved mayor, Mark Furrer. After the last Board of Aldermen meeting that I attended to address the board about this ordinance, the mayor proudly boasted to me that he had, in fact, turned in his neighbor who was taking his trash to his place of business — a long and prominent city business.

Well, fellow citizens, one must understand that these are the actions of a desperate man whose mind is having a tough time dealing with the fact that he is facing two felony charges with a scheduled court date in December. So he is lashing out, as a bully will do, at anyone and everyone he can. If convicted, he would no longer be eligible to hold any public office, not even mayor.

It amazes me that someone so tall in height is really so small-minded, like a child or a bully.

Well, citizens, remember, we must all “Hail to the Mayor Furrer.”