Sunset Hills mayoral candidates spend most money of all south county elections

Mehlville school-board candidates also release campaign-finance reports


Candidates for the Mehlville Board of Education and Sunset Hills city government this week revealed campaign contributions as candidates generating more than $1,000 were required to file with the county election board by April 1.

The Call went to press before Tuesday’s election. Complete election results will be featured in next week’s issue.

The county Board of Election Commissioners reported that candidates running for the Lindbergh Board of Education and Green Park Board of Aldermen have not submitted campaign-finance reports, which are only required for candidates who have collected or spent more than $1,000.

The biggest dollars attached to a south county election this year are being spent on the Sunset Hills mayoral race.

Incumbent Mayor John Hunzeker, who first was elected in 2006, had raised $8,500 and had spent $8,446.01 as of April 1. Of that $8,500, Hunzeker donated $6,616.12 to his own campaign.

His challenger, Ward 4 Alderman Mike Svoboda, had raised $8,789.16 and spent $7,245.12. Of that $8,789.16 in campaign funds, Svoboda loaned $2,319.16 of that sum to his campaign.

Other Sunset Hills candidates who filed reports are uncontested Ward 1 Alderman Frank Hardy, who reported collecting $200 and spending $45, and Ward 2 Alderman Tom Hrastich, who reported collecting $1,041.82 and spending $765.82. Hrastich is being challenged by former Ward 2 Alderman John Smith, who was ousted from office in 2006 by Hrastich.

Uncontested Ward 4 Alderman Frank Gregory and uncontested newcomer Stephen Webb in Ward 3 did not file campaign-finance reports.

In the eight-person race for three seats on the Mehlville Board of Education, the three candidates endorsed by the Mehlville National Education Association have re-ported raising the most money.

Drew Frauenhoffer reported collecting $4,600, which includes a $1,950 loan from himself, and spending $3,532.30; incumbent Vice President Karl Frank Jr. reported collecting $2,605 and spending $1,462.12; and Erin Weber reported collecting $2,480 and spending $1,955.49.

Chris Brown, who last year ran unsuccessfully for the Mehlville school board, reported collecting $1,540, spending $147.34 and donating $1,300 to the group Citizens for Accountable Education.

The group has endorsed Brown as well as the only two candidates who did not submit campaign-finance reports — David Bertelsen and Linda Mooy.

Deborah Langland reported collecting $1,245, which includes a $550 loan from herself, and spending $834.56.

Former school-board member Marea Kluth-Hoppe reported collecting $1,000, which includes an $800 loan from herself, and spending $896.78.

The Mehlville candidates submitting reports also identified some contributions from current and former school-board members and other political officials.

The Mehlville NEA chapter gave $325 each to its endorsed candidates — Frank, Frauenhoffer and Weber.

Additionally, Frank received $325 from Board of Education Secretary Micheal Ocello, and Weber received $125 from school-board member Venki Palamand.

Brown received $325 from Citizens for Accountable Education Treasurer Mike Becker, $200 from well-known conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, $100 from Rep. Jim Lembke, R-Lemay, and $25 from former school-board member Kurt Witzel. Brown also received a $50 contribution from Mae Duggan, the wife of provocateur Martin Duggan, who hosts the weekly KETC-TV roundtable discussion “Donnybrook.”

Former school-board member Mike Heins contributed $150 each to Kluth-Hoppe and Langland.