Sunset Hills and Lindbergh Schools resident writes in perspective on race

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I have been a resident of Sunset Hills for more than a decade. I identify as a Black American. I feel my perspective is warranted on the subject of race recently addressed in this paper.

Racism in America favors people who choose to identify themselves as white. If this were not so, then America would be proudly and properly labeled as a nation of Natives, immigrants, kidnapped Africans and all descendants thereof. 

To further deny this American history is to deny facts and to engage in the erasure of people, not just their experiences, but their existence. Dare I say that the former allows for the latter.

Quite possibly the study cited by LEAD (Lindbergh Equity and Diversity) does have an agenda — dismantling power structures that are privileged toward so-called white people. 

In a letter to the editor April 29, John Seiverling writes “unfounded racist remarks” when referring to the study’s findings. 

To him I say: Please consider the Nazi salute that a white LHS apt pupil of “staff and faculty” gave to my son said proof. I’m sure other BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) can send their findings to the Call editor as well.

Joe Williams-Nelson
Sunset Hills