Study about race shouldn’t be used to reflect on Lindbergh’s children

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I read with a certain amount of shock the statement that was recited by the organization LEAD (Lindbergh Equity and Diversity) on Jan. 28 in the St. Louis Call.

I quote: “White kids continue to demonstrate stronger racial biases than children of other groups.” (Schutts and Olsen 2011)

The study involved 141 kids, 68 of whom were white. They were asked questions like do you like white people or black people better, do you like rich people or poor people better? The age group was 7-11 years old.

Sounds more like an agenda than a scientific study condemning a generation and a race. I think the vast majority of us think that our kids and students of Lindbergh (most of whom are white) are pretty terrific people with open minds and bright futures.

Apparently there is staff and faculty that do not share that view. In my mind, these are unfounded and libelous statements being made against our most precious commodity — our children. They are good kids and not the predisposed racists described by LEAD.

To directly infer that our white students are inherently more prejudiced than other student groups is not only insulting, it is a form of harassment that cannot be tolerated. There is no room in the Lindbergh district for any group to issue unfounded racist remarks against any students. White or otherwise.

John Seiverling

Editor’s note: LEAD is not officially affiliated with Lindbergh Schools.