Students give ‘no logical reason’ in calling for Trakas’ resignation

To the editor:

I would like to address the Mehlville students who called for the resignation of Board of Education member Lori Trakas.

Your accusations against Mrs. Trakas were strong, calling her a liar: “… Why you would do that and lie to the students …” and devoid of the facts of the matter, “… A fact is a fact …”

In calling for her silence, you gave no logical reason. Mrs. Trakas holds her opinions and views as strongly as anyone who opposes them. Should she be silenced, censured and resign based on the fact that she opposed the majority view? Because she disagrees with your parents and teachers, you may feel she and others like her must be wrong, there is no other explanation for it. Therefore, her view is a dangerous one and must be silenced.

Let me explain the reason you embrace such a dangerous attitude and why your world view leans toward this solution. In our current public education system, a true liberal arts education is a thing of the past.

Had you been taught certain things that are necessary for the development of a true liberal mind — I do not mean liberal in the terms we define it now — you would value and understand how to discuss, question, debate and reason with those who hold an opposing view. You would benefit from the discourse and conclude that while you disagree, the other is entitled to his or her view and entitled to speak publicly concerning that view.

Shocking, is it not?

Instead, you have been the victim of John Dewey’s humanist education — Google him. A humanist education seeks to eradicate religion from education and in so doing it must jettison much of Western philosophical thought and logic.

Ironically, humanism or progressivism is itself a religion and places its own laws and burdens on its believers, usually accomplishing this through emotionalism and false accusations against the other side. For example, if you don’t vote “yes” on Prop R, you don’t care about kids. Anyone who transgresses must be silenced.

Another example is the silencing of reporters at Mizzou recently and by a communications teacher, no less.

In the future, I urge you to sit down with people who voice an opposing view and with civility and sincerity seek to understand the reasoning behind their view.

You may walk away disagreeing, but because you sat down with them they will be your equal and you will hopefully understand their right to disagree.