Stormer endorses Fedorchak’s re-election bid to Mehlville board

To the editor:

As the Mehlville Board of Education elections draw near, I would like to personally endorse Ron Fedorchak, our current school board president.

Over the past year, the Board of Education has gone through many changes and we have some very difficult decisions to make in the near future.

Ron brings the experience and a vested interest to make the decisions that will be best for our district. He is not someone who is using the school board as a stepping stone for higher offices.

The kids are his focus. With every decision that is made, it has to be with our kids in mind. Ron knows that every decision he makes can directly affect his own children, who attend Mehlville. He has a proven record of supporting our classrooms, fine arts, sports and bringing Eboards to make board meetings more productive and efficient.

We are in a crucial time and as we look ahead to the future of the Mehlville School District we need to be strong, have experienced board members, have little to no turnover, and continuity of leadership.

Not having Ron on the board would mean that two of our members would have more experience than the other five combined. That is not what we need to move forward. I am asking that you support and vote for Ron Fedorchak — No. 1 — on Tuesday, April 7. Keep our board strong.