Still waiting for Robinson to unveil his ‘plan’

To the editor:

Voters in Crestwood should not be confused as the mayoral election approaches.

Two candidates have filed for office, yet there is only one with a clear platform.

Two candidates have filed, yet only one is willing to discuss his ideas for the city in the forum sponsored by the Call.

Roy Robinson is himself a contradiction.

He clamors for fiscal responsibility in Crestwood, yet his supporters directly in-crease expenses by petitioning for an ill-advised state audit when a forensic audit was already in place.

He furthermore threatens to file an in-junction to stop, of all things, a debate, which means that Crestwood has to pay the city attorney for his time.

When is it ever necessary to stop a debate?

He claims it will become a Fagan “rally.”

If Mr. Robinson is so concerned about leadership in the city, he would just debate Mayor Fagan and thereby reveal his top-secret “plan.”

He claims that this debate is not a fair fight. He is absolutely right. It isn’t a fair fight, and it won’t be until Mr. Robinson and his supporters stop spreading half-truths, and start talking about this “plan.”

As a politician, Mr. Robinson has a duty to subject his ideas to the scrutiny of the voters in an open forum. With three and a half weeks until election day, the “plan” still has not been unveiled.

Mr. Robinson has agreed to debate Tom in an open forum, but not in the larger, more-established one sponsored by the Call. In essence, Roy will not debate Tom on anyone else’s terms but his own. I question the persistence and tenacity of a mayoral candidate who refuses to do things anyone else’s way.

Furthermore, he claims he wants more cops on the street and not a better police facility. There are three main funds in Crestwood: the General Fund, the Capital Improvements Fund and the Parks and Stormwater Fund. Police salaries are paid from the General Fund, whereas new facilities fall under the Capital Improvements Fund. Everyone in Crestwood is painfully aware that one cannot “rob Peter to pay Paul” by moving money from one fund to another at will. That action has cost the city dearly, including the trust of its citizens and a pending lawsuit.

Voters in Crestwood, do not be confused. Two candidates are running, yet only one is willing to give you every opportunity to listen to his vision for the city. Two candidates are running, but only one has scrutinized the Crestwood financial statements for accuracy throughout the recent audits.

Two candidates are running, yet only one has the courage to stand up to adversity, the ideas for Crestwood to enhance the community you love, and the persistence to make positive changes for Crestwood.

Laura E. Alexander