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Stenger’s record shows he’s not best candidate for the job, reader says

To the editor:

I read the article headlined “Stenger to seek county executive’s post” with some amusement, starting with his statement, “I think they really like the idea of restoring public confidence in St. Louis County government.”

I believe that during Mr. Stenger’s tenure as a county councilman, he was the head of the County Council, playing a key role in the goings-on in the St. Louis County government.

So, where was he speaking out about county accountability from 2008 to Oct. 17, 2013?

I believe the answer to that is silence, if not complacency.

There is a strong case to be made that he had a primary responsibility for ensuring county confidence during that time, and not now as part of his campaign slogans.

The end results so far in Mr. Stenger’s and also County Executive Charlie Dooley’s ability to build confidence in county government is that the 6th District — the district Mr. Stenger allegedly represents — is planning on leaving the county because of what many perceive as county government shenanigans led by Mr. Stenger.

Mr. Stenger also states in the article, “For those who have been working hard to turn this community around, they have a friend in this campaign and this candidate.”

As far as being a friend of his constituents, not once during a County Council meeting did Mr. Stenger ever greet his 6th District constituents, who, in large numbers, attended several council meetings.

This also included state legislative representatives who were also in attendance.

Neither did Mr. Dooley, for that matter. He chose to sit with people not from the county or state, but out-of-state people representing special interests.

As far as awarding plum county contracts, Mr. Stenger needs to visit his tower of Babel on Telegraph Road. Many of the local residents called into question the process Mr. Stenger and Mr. Dooley used to approve a construction project that pushed the very edge of county zoning rules and is clearly against the county planning documents.

On one thing I do agree with Mr. Stenger: It is time for change in St. Louis County administration. But sorry, Mr. Stenger, your record shows you are not the best candidate for the job.

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