Stenger should be voted out this fall for dividing and not uniting


To the editor:

Have the citizens of St. Louis County seen the latest commercial with the current County Executive Steve Stenger?

He didn’t reveal how he would solve the crime problem.

Crimes have been increasing, especially in west county.

Having Narcan in police cars is a good thing, but how about a plan on how to actively confront the problem of opioids and synthetic drugs?

Why not talk about how you’re going to advocate reducing property taxes and freezing the real-estate taxes for those of us on Social Security?

We all know that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, at the end of your political campaign commercial message, you just couldn’t resist spewing your leftist liberal hatred toward our president.

Here’s what you said, and I quote, “And I’m going to keep Donald Trump’s racist hate out of St. Louis County.”

What the hell does that statement have to do with St. Louis County?

When will the citizens of St. Louis County realize that with liberal Democrats controlling county government, reform will never be accomplished.

In conclusion, Steve Stenger is a divider, not a uniter. So in the next general election, let’s all vote for his opponent.

Joe Spezia Sr.