‘Stenger has failed almost all of those he was elected to represent’

To the editor:

Steve Stenger has failed almost all of those he was elected to represent.

If elected as county executive, he will fail St. Louis County.

Stenger’s ads do not talk about his plans for the future of St. Louis County because he hasn’t heard from the highest bidder yet.

That’s why he is refusing to take a stand on the city-county merger, while opponent Rick Stream has come out against it.

Stenger instead runs attack ads that are full of mistruths.

I guess that is what you have to do when you don’t have a record you can be proud of.

At the town-hall meeting held in Oakville, Stenger promised to be our champion, yet he let the chance to make things right fade away and die to ensure his campaign contributors were able to get those contracts, while refusing to talk to his constituents.

He betrayed those he was supposed to represent.

Steve Stenger lacks the leadership, conviction and spine to run this county. Why anyone would vote to give Steve Stenger a promotion after his dismal performance as our councilman is beyond me.