Steer clear of flying insects’ sting this summer

Insects such as bees and wasps serve a unique and purposeful role in the environment.

Bees pollinate flowers and provide us with honey, and wasps such as hornets eat other bugs that might be considered pests.

However, if you have ever suffered a painful sting from one of these insects, you know the danger they pose. Don’t forget these simple tips to make homes and yards less attractive to flying and stinging insects:

• Keep food in tightly sealed containers.

• Cover soda cans. Yellow jackets often enter cans unseen.

• Empty and wash garbage cans regularly.

• Fit screens and tighten seals properly on doors and windows.

• Frequently monitor for nests.

• Call a licensed pest control professional immediately for treatment and removal.

People who experience severe reactions to insect stings, such as difficulty breathing, infection at the site of the sting or aggravated skin disorders, should consult a physician.