Stay informed, get ‘correct facts’ on Prop R

To the editor:

I certainly hope that Sue Jernigan’s recent nonsense letter does not scare those who are uneducated about the facts of the Mehlville School District’s Proposition R.

For someone who owns a $150,000 home, the tax increase would be $11.34 a month if it passes. If a senior has to “do without medication, heat, food or other non-luxury items,” as stated in her letter, that person is certainly overspending way more than the $11.34 deficit that the tax increase would cause in their budget.

She also suggested that the tax increase should be implemented to those who utilize the district offerings.

This is ridiculous. Can you imagine if we all picked and chose which taxes to pay based on utilization? It says on my tax bill that I pay a portion to the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. We are on a septic system and have no storm drains on our portion of road at all. Why don’t I just deduct that portion of my bill and see if the county appreciates that? If she has children, I guarantee that they benefited from tax dollars when they went to school.

I hope everyone stays informed and gets the correct facts when voting on Prop-osition R.

Michele Patterson