State unemployment benefits bill heads to Nixon

The Missouri House sent legislation to the governor to extend unemployment benefits by a vote of 138 to 13.

The bill came from the Senate where a Republican filibuster had held it up for weeks.

While about 10,000 long-term unemployed Missourians will get their benefits restored, the bill comes with some concessions.

Future unemployed Missourians will see their benefits cut by six weeks, a concession the House made to the Senate.

Democratic leader Mike Talboy from Jackson County says the House needed to pass the bill or fear, “Sending this over to, whether there called the four horsemen of the apocalypse or as I’ve dubbed them, the lunatic fringe.”

Rep. Barney Fisher, R-Richards, said it was time to get the bill to the governor.

“We had to accept them really and concur in what the Senate did. I don’t think their changes were drastic. I think they were reasonable and it was time to pass that bill and get it to the governor,” he said.

– Missouri Digital News