St. Louis County officials have a duty to listen to ‘We the People’

To the editor:

We the citizens of these United States live in a republic.

By definition, a republic is a government in which affairs of state are a “public matter,” not the private concerns of the rulers. In a republic, public offices are appointed or elected and are not the private property of the individuals who hold them.

Many politicians have lost sight that in a republic, the sovereignty resides with the people. The people have no obligation to the government; instead the government is the servant of the people and is obligated to its owner — “We the People.”

The issue with the National Church Residences senior apartment complex being built on Telegraph Road in Oakville is the lack of due process in properly notifying the citizens of Oakville.

We as taxpayers entrust our voice to each and every one of you, yet it seems you often continue with your own agendas with little consideration as to how your actions will impact our lives.

We were given an opportunity to speak on the Oakville project only after the fact and were not realistically included in the beginning of this process, which you should know and understand is our right.

You have stated that everything in the notification process met your requirements — but what about the people’s requirements?

This whole project slid in with no opposition because everything was well hidden, therefore, “We the People” had no voice up front. You would be well-advised to change your communications process to limit future problems and/or potential liabilities.

Knowing what you know now, you should be ashamed for allowing this project to continue.

Is America still not a republic? Our Constitution is our rule of law — please don’t allow that to be shredded. Please listen to “We the People” and revert the site of the National Church Residences’ Oakville project back to its original R-2 zoning.

You were put in office as the people’s representatives. It is your duty and responsibility to hear our voices.