St. Clare program recognized by ADA

The American Diabetes Association, or ADA, has awarded a Recognition Certificate to the Diabetes Self-Management Education Program at SSM St. Clare Health Center in Fenton.

By presenting this certificate, the ADA is recognizing that St. Clare has a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who are providing patients with comprehensive information about diabetes self-management, according to a news release issued by the hospital.

Programs that are awarded the certificate must meet national ADA standards, which ensure diabetes patients receive excellent self-care education. The recognition effort helps consumers identify quality educational programs.

Through the support of strong health-care teams and increased knowledge and awareness of diabetes, the patient can assume a major part of the responsibility for his or her diabetes management.

Unnecessary hospital admissions and some of the acute and chronic complications of diabetes can be prevented through self-management education, the release stated.

Diabetes educators at St. Clare Health Center work with patients and their doctors to provide care, support and training.

“The collaboration between diabetes educators and physicians yields positive clinical quality and cost savings,” Debi Mann, a registered nurse and diabetes educator at St. Clare, stated in the news release. “Patients using diabetes education have lower average costs than patients who do not use diabetes education.”

All approved education programs cover the following topics: diabetes disease process; nutritional management; physical activity; medications; monitoring; preventing, detecting and treating acute complications through risk reduction; goal setting and problem solving; psychological adjustment; and preconception care and management through pregnancy, according to the release.

The Diabetes Education Program at St. Clare Health Center is an outpatient program that offers instruction for those newly diagnosed or for those requiring ongoing management, as well as a refresher course for those looking to reinforce, improve or expand their self-management skills.

For additional information about diabetes education services at St. Clare Health Center, call (636) 496-2050.

The ADA is the nation’s leading non-profit health organization supporting diabetes research, advocacy and information for health professionals, patients and the public.

For more information about recognized education programs or other ADA programs, call your local ADA office or contact the ADA online by visiting its Web site at