Sprinkler system can help in saving water

Keeping a sprinkler system well maintained can save water and help you avoid hefty repair bills down the road.

Plus, basic maintenance can be easy.

For instance, sprinkler heads sometimes become misaligned and waste water by spraying roads, driveways or sidewalks.

But homeowners can readjust the heads and point them in the direction they need to spray. You also might check that sprinkler heads aren’t obstructed by tall grass or other objects that prevent water from reaching its intended target.

You can visually inspect sprinkler heads each week by using the “manual” setting on your sprinkler timer.

Just turn each station on for a few minutes at a time and take a quick walk around your yard.

Try these additional tips for simple sprinkler maintenance. They come from experts at a leading irrigation company.

Watch for Damage

Look for parts that may have been broken by lawn mowers or foot traffic. Replace any broken pieces and be sure to match their spray pattern and distance for peak performance.

Check for Clogs

Dirt, small rocks and other debris can occasionally clog sprinkler nozzles and heads.

If you see a clog, turn off the watering zone and unscrew the nozzle. Then rinse the nozzle and filter screen in clean water.

Better Coverage

For even, efficient watering, each sprinkler head’s spray should just reach the next head.

Under-spraying might lead to dry spots that eventually turn brown, and overspraying wastes water.

You also can save water by setting your sprinkler system to water for a few short periods of time separated by 15-minute intervals, rather than for one extended period of time.

Doing so helps ensure that the water is absorbed by your lawn and not wasted.

As a final tip, adjust your irrigation system as the seasons and weather change to account for rain.

You also can install a shutoff device that automatically detects rain or moisture.