South Tech’s Court Reporting program opens its doors to seniors

The Broadcast Captioning and Court Reporting major at South Technical High School is marking its 10th year by announcing some changes to the program.

The program originally was designed for high school juniors who spend two years in the program. Students spend half of their school day at South Technical High School and the other half at the high school they normally attend within their school districts. Now, in its 10th year, new doors are opening to qualified incoming seniors for the 2014-2015 school year, according to a news release.

South Tech will accept one-year-only seniors into the program for the fall semester. Seniors will have their choice of morning or afternoon classes, where they will be instructed on real-time theory as a one-year offering.

Like the incoming two-year juniors in the program, they will spend the other half of their school day at the high school they normally attend, the release stated.

The new senior one-year program will be ideal for seniors who are entertaining the idea of becoming future court reporters, but who want to learn more at the high school level to find out if it’s right for them, according to the release. In addition, many seniors already have completed all or most of their credit requirements, leaving them time to explore possible future careers.

Seniors who are accepted into the high school program will be able to take part in field trips to courtrooms, freelance agencies, captioning adventures to Cardinals’ baseball games at Busch Stadium and more.

High school juniors who complete two years in the high school program can earn up to 12 college credit hours that articulate into St. Louis Community College, or STLCC, in the court reporting major there. High school students who enter as seniors in the new, one-year offering will be able to articulate up to six college credits in machine shorthand theory into the STLCC major.

All equipment, books, and transportation is provided to students. Students must live in the St. Louis County area and meet other minimum requirements to be considered, but anyone can apply.

For more information about the one- and two-year offerings in court reporting at South Technical High School, contact Kate Saunders, the Broadcast Captioning and Court Reporting teacher, at

For more information about the college program, contact Patricia Ziegler at