South county poll workers sought for Nov. 4 election

The county Board of Election Commissioners still is in need of south county poll workers for the presidential election, according to a news release.

“Although south county traditionally has a surplus of volunteers to work the polls, a lot of our workers have opted to sit this one out because of the expected 80-percent-plus turnout,” stated Dick Bauer, assistant director of the county election board.

“There’s no doubt it will be a long and demanding day,” Bauer said, “but that will be offset by the chance to play an important part in what shows all the signs of being an historic election.”

Poll work is a paid position. Volunteers earn $100 plus $30 for attending a two-hour training class.

On Election Day, workers begin at 5 a.m. and continue until after the polls close at 7 p.m. Poll workers must be registered to vote in Missouri and declare either a Republican or Democratic party preference.

To volunteer for a position as a Republican, call (314) 615-1840. Democrats can call (314) 615-1965.