South county filled with loving, caring residents, letter writer says

To the editor:

About three weeks ago, I left my cane at a shopping venue, and when I traveled to another store across the street, I noticed it was gone.

I called the shopping venue to inquire about it, but they said that no one had found it. When I was ready to leave the second store, I mentioned it to the clerk.

She said that people leave their canes and the store puts them aside for a period of time. If no one claims them, they donate the canes, so she gave one to me.

The next day, a stranger rang my doorbell, and she had my cane in her hand. I had a return label on it and she searched out my house. Her name is Anna and I am very grateful for her and her kindness, as well as to the store clerk.

I had a manicure the other day at a shop in a local shopping complex. As always, I had a book with me and, unknowingly, left it there. I didn’t notice until the next day when I was leaving for lunch. I keep a book in my car for those times. I called the shop and the gentleman said the book was there. When I walked into the shop, one of the lovely ladies came up to me with my book, saying, “I knew it was yours.”

My foot was bothering me today, so I kind of limped along as I entered the grocery store. I told the lady behind me to go ahead. She did and asked what size cart I needed. I chose the smaller one, as she said that it would aid me in the store.

These are just three examples of the kindnesses shown to me recently in south county. I cannot deny that it is a great place to live, filled with loving, caring people. We have no room for hate. Vaya con Dios.

JoAnn Raisch

south county