Some Sunset Hills officials need to grow up and lead, reader says

To the editor:

I just read about the latest blow-up involving Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer, Ward 1 Alderman Dee Baebler and Ward 4 Alderman Pat Fribis.

I cannot help but feel embarrassed for our city, its residents and these three individuals.

I am actually very familiar with this type of story. It plays out almost every day in my house between my three children ages 5 and younger, and I get to play the role of police officer. I am sure that the great police officers of our city enjoyed baby-sitting as much as I do.

Fortunately, I know that at some point my children will grow up to act like adults.

These people need to understand that they hold positions of leadership, and we need them to grow up and lead or get out.

Dan Cooper

Sunset Hills