Some continually whine every time a school tax-rate hike is proposed

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the two letters submitted to you regarding the Mehlville School District’s proposed tax-rate hike.

Former Board of Education member Matthew Chellis wrote that 64 percent of taxpaying survey respondents believed last year that the district either had all the taxpayer dollars it needs or is taxing its residents too much.

How many of those 64 percent of respondents really know how much it costs to educate a child?

Do they know the breakdown all of the educational tools, transportation, maintenance, staffing, library books and the hundreds of other expenses it costs to run a school before taking that survey?

In Sue Jernigan’s letter, she expressed the displeasure of a tax hike for more district money and like many, is a Monday morning quarterback on how to spend funds appropriately.

Some seniors I have spoken with disagree with her, as they realize that having a good school district with appropriately paid teachers keeps their property values nice and high.

They also realize that expenses go up for school districts, too, not just for themselves, and that there are plenty of tax- funded programs available that can benefit seniors.

Can Mehlville work to improve on how efficiently it spends money? Probably.

Should the public keep track of how funds are spent? Absolutely.

But there are some who continually whine every time a tax levy is proposed for public schools.