Solution available for tough-to-grow areas

No matter how green their thumbs, many homeowners have areas in their landscapes that are beyond frustrating.

In those dark, rocky or high-traffic areas, nothing will grow. A key solution for filling in these unfriendly terrains are plants known as ground covers. This type of greenery typically sprawls, spreads, runs or colonizes by reseeding. Some ground covers will grow only in full shade. Others thrive in full sun while still others will survive no matter where you grow them.

Ground covers come in a wide range of sizes, colors and textures, adding interest, beauty and uniformity to a garden.

Once established, these plants usually require little or no maintenance other than a yearly feeding with a good all-purpose fertilizer.

Shady areas under trees or overhangs from the house often are neglected because they don’t receive enough sunlight for any plant to thrive. Ground covers solve that problem with several options that will grow green and dense in these areas.

For instance, vinca minor varieties are short evergreen ground covers that flower throughout the early spring.