Solar project will save Mehlville roughly $150,000 over 20 years

To the editor:

On many occasions, I have stated that an educated, informed resident can and will be a strong asset to the Mehlville School District. Unfortunately, last week’s misleading letter submitted by Allan Ringering falls into the liability column.

As was accurately reported in the May 23 issue of the Call, solar panels to be installed by StraightUp Solar will have zero out-of-pocket cost to the district, not the fabricated number submitted in last week’s letter. The lease payments for each 25-kilowatt system, will be in lieu of, and less than, our electricity payment to Ameren Missouri.

Savings will occur in the first year, and in subsequent years as electricity costs continue to increase. This is only possible be-cause of the creative way Mehlville was able to take advantage of both federal and Ameren Missouri grants. The total savings to the district, over 20 years, is projected to be roughly $150,000.

Plus, Mehlville will play a leading role in making the environment cleaner. I would encourage readers to read the May 23 article at


Debating and disagreeing with decisions made by elected officials is a part of the democratic process. But it is my hope that people will invest the time needed to become more informed and educated on the issues/challenges facing Mehlville and public ed-ucation in Missouri.

Venki Palamand

Editor’s note: Venki Palamand serves as president of the Mehl-ville Board of Education.