Smoot’s ‘moronic tirade’ on teachers’ pay ‘disingenuous at best’

To the editor:

Jim Smoot’s moronic tirade concerning the pay of Lindbergh Schools teachers published last week was disingenuous at best.

It, too, is typical of the mindset of south county Republicans who continually decry all taxes regardless of the communal benefits derived therefrom.

While complaining about the “zealots and activists” and that kids attend Lindbergh for only 12 years but taxes continue, Mr. Smoot avoids mentioning that the value of his residence and the stability of his neighborhood are direct results of the quality and reputation of Lindbergh Schools.

Management of the district is an important component in Lindbergh’s success, but management is only one of several components. The most important component in education is the quality of the teacher — the ability of the teacher to teach.

Lindbergh Schools’ financial struggle will continue, and the district’s ability to attract and retain competent teachers and offer advanced programs to students will depend on finances — like it or not. Residents have a choice: We can support Lindbergh or we can — as Mr. Smoot suggests — turn a blind eye to the various needs of the district and its teachers.

But be assured that following Mr. Smoot down the financial rabbit hole is certain to result in the deterioration of the communities served by Lindbergh Schools.