Sifton ‘sliming’ Lembke, dodging the issues

To the editor:

It is disturbing but not surprising that candidate Scott Sifton is smearing his opponent, our Sen. Jim Lembke, rather than talking about the issues.

Sifton claims that Sen. Lembke is beholden to lobbyists while proclaiming himself “not for sale at any price.” Really?

Here is how fellow Democrat and former state Rep. Sue Schoemehl described Sifton’s tactics: “Scott claims that he doesn’t take gifts from lobbyists but official records indicate that Scott Sifton has no problem taking thousands of dollars just in this year in campaign contributions from lobbyists and special interest — including money from drug companies, insurance political action committees and NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.”

Schoemehl’s conclusion: “Sifton’s campaign does not pass the smell test.” And, Sue Schoemehl did not even mention the nearly $200,000 Sifton has taken from trial lawyers.

Scott Sifton does not want you to know that Sen. Jim Lembke is one of the most open, responsive and accessible senators in the state. Sen. Lembke places his personal cell phone number on his campaign literature and answers that phone himself. That is accessibility and accountability to the people.

Scott Sifton is sliming his opponent and dodging the issues.