She’s glad Swim Club is not in her back yard

To the editor:

First I would like to commend Acting Mayor Richard Breeding for agreeing to chair the committee involving the Crestwood Swim Club.

I have visited the Bali Court neighborhood on several occasions, including several times this summer. The concerns of our fellow Crestwood neighbors are real and I for one am glad the Crestwood Swim Club is not in my back yard.

In the recent article written by Mike Anthony, the Call reported that Gary Vincent, a Swim Club member, said the club is cognizant of nearby residents’ concerns and is operating within the parameters of a conditional-use permit granted by the city.

It sounds to me that former Alderman Vincent is only concerned with the swim club and not the concerns of Crestwood residents. From my understanding, a Crestwood conditional-use permit, or CUP, is issued when projects have: “a tendency to generate excessive traffic; a potential for attracting a large number of persons to the area of the use thus creating noise or pollutants; a detrimental effect upon the value or potential development of other properties in the neighborhood; an extraordinary potential for accidents or danger to public health or safety.”

The CUP is issued so these concerns can be addressed and resolved. Obviously the conditions have not been resolved and continue to have a negative impact on the residents of Bali Court and Rosarie Drive.

A compromise in pool operation hours and effective noise reduction barriers so our fellow neighbors can again be proud of their neighborhood and enjoy more peaceful surroundings seems reasonable to me.

As a 10-year resident of Crestwood, I encourage the Board of Aldermen to truly listen to the concerns of our residents and make every effort to come to a compromise that keeps the best interest of our residents and neighborhoods as your No. 1 priority.

I would also like to suggest that the Crestwood Swim Club offer all residents of Bali Court and Rosarie Drive a free lifetime transferable membership to the Crestwood Swim Club. This would most likely guarantee the Swim Club future neighbors that don’t mind having a giant block party in their back yard every day and evening of the summer.

Sherrill Wayland