She finds Povich’s labeling ‘offensive’

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the letter written by Mike “Grassroots”Povich of Green Park.

There is a sentence in his letter where he criticizes the person who said “the average UFCW worker is a stupid, uneducated weakling spineless machine.” This quote as written appears in the Oct. 23 issue of the Concord Call.

My concern is that he then goes on to call those of us who choose to shop at any of the three supermarkets, “scabs.” He also equates us to “a child molester” or “a person who commits treason.” How does that make him any different than the people he is criticizing? 

You know, there are those of us who understand the dilemma that workers in this union have, but we also have our own lives and needs to consider. Standing in line just to get a grocery cart for 25 minutes and another 35 minutes to check out at a local grocery store is not an option for some of us.

Also, in my case, I am a part-time teacher/tutor who earns an hourly wage with a 2 percent increase every year, which amounts to about 25 cents an hour.

I also have no benefits offered by my employer. They are only available for full-time faculty. 

I have a college education, but in no way consider myself better or smarter than any of the people that I see standing on the corners and in the parking lots for what they believe is right.

Instead of feeling sorry for my situation or trying to fight a system that can’t be fought, I choose to go to work every day and help my students try to have a better life for themselves.

That is the contribution I make, rather than standing around doing nothing and letting someone else pay my way.

Also, I can say that I love America as well, but I don’t believe that as Americans we gain anything by diminishing or belittling the decisions that people make as to where they shop, when they shop, etc.

Frankly, it isn’t anyone’s business. That is what is so great about America.

I resent being labeled by the terminology that Mr. Povich used in his letter. It is highly offensive.

My suggestion to those who feel they have such a bad deal here, is to try working or grocery shopping in a country where there is no food.

Mary Hare