‘Shameful’ for board to even consider a 24.2-percent raise for Noble

To the editor:

In answer to the horrendous salary increase for the superintendent of the Mehlville School District, I think it is shameful for the school board to even consider a 24.2-percent increase in salary.

Since 2007, Mr. Noble has received a 34.2-percent increase in salary, from $165,000 to $226,000 and a three-year contract. That is a $61,000 increase plus paid health, dental and vision insurance for him and his spouse, a $100,000 life insurance policy, mileage for district business and a $25,000 interest-bearing account if he stays on the job.

During this recession, record unemployment, layoffs, plant closings, foreclosures — Mr. Tom Diehl — board president, states Missouri is facing a budget crisis. It doesn’t look like the crisis is happening in the Mehlville School District. Mr. Noble does not live in the district so he does not pay one dime in school taxes that employs him — that includes real and personal property taxes.

The irony of this situation is that 90 percent of the taxpayers in the Mehlville School District do not even earn the salary increase that Mr. Noble enjoys, but they pay 90 percent of the taxes.

Mr. Noble has five assistant administrators from deputy to instruction to supervision of schools to curriculum to human resources.

I guess Mr. Noble’s job is to take roll call each school day and to be sure the assistants are at their desks.

My questions to Mr. Diehl and Mr. Noble: What is the drop out rate of seniors? What is the graduation rate of seniors? Where does Mehlville rate in math, science and English compared to the Clayton School District?

These answers should be published and then we can evaluate the superintendents.

We need board members to be realistic and consider the burden it places on the taxpayers.

Felix C. Washburn

south county