‘Shame on you,’ Mehlville school board member says to letter writer

To the editor:

After Sue Jernigan made it seem that I am a “senior hater” in

, I felt compelled to explain.

Sue Jernigan, shame on you. You didn’t tell folks the whole story. While trying to make the point that we have the second lowest school tax in St. Louis County I said, “… If you feel as if you can’t or don’t want to pay the taxes in Mehlville School District, move to a district with lower school taxes.”

And then I said, “Oh wait, there isn’t one” — except for the Ladue School District. And that’s the rest of the story.

I have lived in Oakville for 64 years.

Born on Forder Road, I am as native Oakvillian as they come. I’m full of pride for our school district.

As you explained during the Aug. 6 board meeting, you are struggling financially since the death of your husband 11 years ago. That did not fall on deaf ears. As you read your statement at the Aug. 17 meeting and referred to my comments as “snide remarks,” I apologized to you personally during the meeting if you were insulted.

I am not on the Board of Education to insult people or hurt feelings. I am merely trying to be a leader in the effort to put our school district back on track to be the best that it can be. And believe me when I say this — I’m doing it for the children of our district who will, hopefully, keep Oakville and the Mehlville School District on the map for the next 64 years.