Sewer district name change remains a discussion topic, LeComb says

To the editor:

The story “Sewer district committee starts work on review of 55-year-old MSD charter” in the Oct. 8 Call does a fine job of reporting on a recent meeting of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s Plan Amendment Commission. 

However, a part of the story describing deliberations on Article 1 of MSD’s Charter — the section that deals with MSD’s name — could lead readers to misunderstand the commission’s actions.

At the meeting, the commission held a brief discussion about possibly changing MSD’s name. After several minutes, they voted to consider the matter at a later time.

However, these future discussions would be contingent on the commission being provided with a firmer estimate on the costs associated with a name change and a shorter list of possible names versus the 17 that were presented.

At this point, there is no recommendation or proposal by the commission or staff to change MSD’s name. Rather, the item remains a discussion topic, the context in which it was originally presented to the commission.

Lance LeComb

manager of public information and spokesperson

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District