Setting up home office can be as easy as 1-2-3

Whether you’re working from home or starting a small business, a limited budget can make it challenging to equip offices with the right technology to perform essential business tasks.

Additionally, it is crucial to have access to the best in customer service and support. No matter what time of day — or night — a problem may arise. In today’s competitive environment, customers need superior products backed with timely support, and the right office equipment can make quality delivery smoother and easier than ever.

Another consideration can often be the lack of space. The challenge is to set up a solid infrastructure of equipment and services to remain productive and competitive without wasting valuable space and resources.

With the right equipment and services, a home or small office can compete with larger operations.

Three basic tools can make this arrangement as productive as possible.

1. High-speed Internet — Invest in a cable modem or DSL line, which allows for faster service and keeps the phone line open for calls. If you choose not to invest in a cable modem, you need a separate phone line unless you want to choose between being on the phone or the computer.

2. Quality computer system — The quality of your work can sometimes depend on the computer system. Purchase from a reputable dealer and ensure that you have technical support. Even if you can use your company’s IT help desk, it is still a good idea to have added support for non-work hours.

3. Quality all-in-one office center — whether it’s a marketing report, financial presentation or business plan, documents need to look their best, and with today’s technology, it is easy to look like a pro. A good all-in-one should score top marks for printing resolution, up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, offer fast print and copy speeds, have the ability to fax and copy without the use of a PC and offer a document feeder for multiple-page documents.

Printing, faxing, copying and scanning needs can be a challenge as price and space are at a premium, but an all-in-one inkjet printer — color printer, scanner, copier and fax — can be an effective tool in presenting work.