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Seniors enjoy Valentine’s celebration

Somewhere, Cupid must have been smiling.

More than 130 senior citizens gathered for the 60-Plus Club Valentine’s Day Luncheon at Hagemann Elementary School last Friday. Seated at the same table were Eleanor Morris, who was born on Valentine’s Day, and Carl Meyer, whose middle name is Valentine.

The 60-Plus Club Valentine’s luncheon was sponsored by the Mehlville School District, according to a district news release.

Seniors were greeted at the Hagemann doors by members of the school’s Student Council and escorted to the gymnasium, the release stated.

Once everyone was seated, Hagemann Principal Bill Schiller welcomed his guests and began the program.

Second-graders performed three songs with Valentine’s Day themes and then discussed a business project they recently had completed.

The second-graders created their own businesses, making magnets and bracelets, marketing them and selling them to students and teachers at school. Most of the profits were donated to the district’s tsunami relief efforts, according to the news release.

Fourth-graders then visited the 60-Plus Club members to share their family histories and interview 60-Plus Club members about their family histories.

Third-graders capped off the program by teaching club members how to make decorative origami Valentine’s Day cards.

After the program, lunch was served, in-cluding salad, lasagna, a breadstick and red gelatin dessert with whipped topping. The district’s Food and Nutrition Services Department prepared the meal for the 60-Plus Club visitors.

The Mehlville 60-Plus Club meets three times each school year. At each gathering, the host school showcases its pupils’ latest accomplishments.

The next meeting of the Mehlville 60-Plus Club is in May and will feature a barbecue sponsored by the South County Kiwanis Club.

For more information about the Mehlville School District’s 60-Plus Club, call the School/Community Relations Office at (314) 467-5151.