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Senate passes bill easing Proposition B restrictions on dog breeders

The Missouri Senate removed a year’s worth of efforts to restrict Missouri dog breeders this week by passing a bill easing most Proposition B restrictions.

With a vote of 20 to 14 on Senate Bill 113, the bill moves out of the Senate.

The bill removes the Prop B limitation on 50 dogs in breeding facilities and also dissolves bigger cage size requirements.

Missourians voted 52 percent in favor of Prop B in November.

Since then, some lawmakers have argued voters were unaware that the measures passed in Prop B were harming good breeders and an industry in the state.

Humane Society spokeswoman Barb Schmitz said this isn’t true.

“The issue was thoroughly debated for a year. Voters knew what they were doing. And if lawmakers are really intent on overturning the will of the people, then I find that extremely disappointing,” Schmitz said.

Republican Sen. John Lamping of St. Louis warned there is a problem with easing restrictions Missourians voted to pass with Prop B.

He said, “There’s a risk to legislating this way, by proposition. I think I’m quite confident that my district read the bill, did their best to understand the bill, and voted their will. I think this is a very dangerous way to legislate.”

Democratic Sen. Maria Chappell-Nadal of St. Louis voted against changing the law but acknowledged supporters’ arguments about voter confusion in November.

She said, “Proposition B does not deal with pounds, yet it is messaged to our constituents that Proposition B is saving puppies.”

The bill now will be sent to the House for debate. If it is voted on and passes, it will be sent to Gov. Jay Nixon.

– Missouri Digital News