Seems Nolan has different set of rules depending on if he gets his way

To the editor:

The Call’s Oct. 17 issue reported that a judge ruled the city of Sunset Hills’ OK was not needed for an emergency communications tower.

Mayor Bill Nolan said, “I don’t know how far this goes. For a circuit judge to decide that the county can do anything it wants in a municipality is unbelievable.”

He went on to say, “Then the county can build a metal shed in the middle of a residential subdivision?”

Excuse me, but isn’t this exactly what the mayor has done when he decided he wanted to build a dog park in the middle of a residential and school area? It seems the mayor has differing sets of rules depending on whether he gets his way or not.

I believe there is a better or more appropriate place for a dog park. I also believe that the county’s communications tower is important to all of the county residents as a safety measure to ensure the communications of first responders. The dog park is important to a limited few.

Cost should be of no consequence since the communications tower is supported by a special tax. The mayor apparently believes that the cost of a dog park is of no consequence since it is supported by a grant — a special tax.

The mayor has used the Sunset Hills Horizon newsletter to support his view. No one is allowed to respond in that newsletter.