Securing border, economy, unemployment rate spark Trump support


To the editor:

This letter is in response to a letter in the April 11 Oakville Call that questions how President Trump still has supporters.

The reason that President Trump still has supporters is because of what he has done for this country in the first two years of his administration.

The economy is posting some of its best numbers in recent history, and unemployment rates are at a 49-year low.

President Trump is working to make our country safer by securing our southern border and supporting our great law enforcement and first responders.

He is putting the interests and needs of America first which is what the main duty of a U.S. president should be, yet it is not always the case.

The media never covers any positive news or accomplishments of President Trump, and yet his base is stronger than ever.

He is a president that cares for the American people and wants what is best for this country. That is why he still has tremendous support throughout the United States.

Joe Jackson